First date: rules of conduct for men and women

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First date: rules of conduct for men and women

So you met. They looked for each other for so long and seem to have found. It’s now impossible to call you, because the phone is busy all the time. You have so many things in common, but you are so different. On the first date, I always want to impress, so that later my whole life I will remember where you met, what you talked about, what you were wearing, what flowers he presented.

Even if you met on the Web, for example, on a dating site and managed to learn something about each other, this is not a reason to relax.

Rules for women: clean head, heels and no whining

The first thing that every woman will think about before meeting a man is her perfect appearance. Only now you don’t have to run to the hairdresser and do the styling like a graduation party. Simply wash your hair and blow dry with a hair dryer, giving it a slightly magnificent shape.

Taking care of a manicure is also worth it. And, of course, wear heels, even if you have to walk a single kilometer. But remember that without whining from the series: «Ah, how hard it is for me! Oh, why did I put them on?» You can still tint the cilia and a little late.

Just wash your hair and blow dry it

And then look into the eyes of your chosen one and listen to him carefully throughout the meeting, especially when he talks about the football team, for which he is rooting with all his heart.

To this add a fun, easy mood, and the success of the first meeting will be guaranteed. Unless, of course, for some reason, you yourself decide to come to a second date.

Rules for men: clean shoes, flowers and no tailcoat

Before the first date, not only the girl is worried. For a man, this is also an event. Indeed, in most cases, it is he who has to take the main role in the process of walking.

It is necessary to put yourself in order. No, don’t wear a tailcoat, bow tie. And do not pour yourself a ton of cologne. Clean clothes and well-groomed shoes are all that a man needs on a first date.

Remember what the heroine of the movie “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” drew attention to? Yes, it’s on the shoes.

Buy flowers or not? This question is asked by many men before starting to care for a lady. Definitely — yes! But if you go for a long walk in the park, then it is better to do this at the end so that the bouquet retains its pristine freshness.

Clean clothes and well-groomed shoes — all that a man needs

It is worthwhile to think over the route and the cafe in which you are ready to treat your chosen one. And in order to avoid embarrassing situations when the account will lie in front of you, you need to hint the girl in advance that you are ready to treat her.

And, of course, compliments. The elementary phrase “you look good” is already enough to add an extra bonus to your karma.

After a date (if everything went well, and you are ready for a second meeting), be sure to invite the girl to take her home.

Внимание: не смотрите в телефон, не приходите с собакой, не вздумайте целоваться

Unlike women, who are allowed to come on a date later than the agreed time, it is better for men to come on time.

There is nothing worse when your chosen one or chosen one constantly looks at the phone. So it’s better to put it away and turn off the sound.

You should not take your beloved dog or child with you on your first date, even if the dog is compact and the child is obedient. It will be possible to open all the cards a little later, when the first kiss, for example, has already taken place, or if you understand that you cannot live without each other.

In no case do not rush things, trying to grab the hand of your newly made darling, to encroach on the first kiss and everything that follows him. Do not extinguish a fire that has not yet flared up.

A woman should not talk about herself all at once. After all, if all the puzzles are solved at the first date, the man will lose interest in the following meetings.

Do not order too much food in the cafe, even if you are very hungry

A ton of perfume is also inappropriate here. From the sharp smell of perfume, one of you may get a headache and you simply will not be able to fully spend time.

If a man offered to drink a glass of wine on the first date, do not try to get drunk. For everything to work out well in the future, you need to be able to control your emotions.

On the first date, you should not be interested in the monthly income, health insurance and sexual addictions of the partner.

In order not to look like a glutton and not frighten a man you like with excessive wastefulness, do not order too much food in the cafe, even if you are very hungry. Let him treat himself to a cup of coffee and dessert.

And yes, don’t put on too short a skirt if you are not aiming for physical intimacy after your first date. And in no case do not invite a man for a cup of coffee to your home (all for the same reason).

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First date: rules of conduct for men and women