From one korea to the other and back: the double defector

First Lim Ji Hyun fled from North Korea to the South. And made a career in television. Now she is back in Pyongyang – as a propaganda weapon for Kim Jong Un.

The 26-year-old North Korean Lim Ji Hyun after her return to North Korea on television Screenshot: uriminzokkiri

Not long ago, Lim Ji Hyun was considered a dazzling model of integration: after the 26-year-old North Korean fled her homeland in 2014, she seemed to quickly make a fresh start in capitalist South Korea. As a television personality, she took part in three reality shows, recently enrolled in a Seoul university and made ambitious plans as an actress. Since Sunday, however, she has been playing a role that is also causing a stir internationally – as a propaganda weapon for dictator Kim Jong Un.

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Soviet prisoners of war: doubly persecuted

70 years after the end of the war: The opposition in the Bundestag demands that Soviet prisoners of war finally be compensated.

Murdered Soviet prisoners of war are remembered at the Stukenbrock memorial. Image: imago/fishman

Mark Telewitsch beams. He is happy about the reporter’s visit, says the war veteran. "Every year in May, it becomes a little more lively around us again. When Victory Day, May 9, approaches, we are also remembered." Then he gets serious: Actually, he was incredibly lucky, the 92-year-old says. "In 1941, I could never have imagined that I would live to be this old."

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Gymnastics world championships: californian belarusians

Two U.S. gymnasts will compete for Belarus at the World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow. They have never set foot in the country before.

Kylie Dickson on uneven bars (not pictured). Photo: ap

"I just wanted to do my best," says Kylie Dickson after her competition at the World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow. The sixteen-year-old is beaming like the sparkles on her pink gymnastics leotard. "We came here to have fun and gain experience," says fellow gymnast Alaina Kwan. She finished 73rd, enough to secure Belarus an individual slot for the second Olympic qualifier in April 2016.

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Trial for rape: compensation for rape

Japan’s face of the MeToo movement, Shiori Ito, wins a victory in court. She will now receive the equivalent of 27,000 euros in compensation.

Shiori Ito in court in Tokyo: the two Japanese characters stand for "Trial won!" Photo: reuters

With a slight smile, Shiori Ito held a poster with the two Japanese characters for "Trial won!" to the cameras. A civil court in Tokyo had upheld her compensation claim against 53-year-old Noriyuki Yamaguchi. The prominent television reporter is said to have first drugged and then raped her. The 30-year-old journalist made her accusation public in the book "Black Box. This made her the face of the MeToo movement in Japan against the abuse of women.

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Rigaer strabe: henkel gets his way

After the violence at the solidarity demonstration, Mayor Michael Muller (SPD) backs away from an offer of talks with the left-wing scene.

Rowing back: the mayor of Berlin, Michael Muller (SPD) Photo: dpa

Seeking talks with supporters of the autonomous scene in order to de-escalate – was there something? The mayor of Berlin, Michael Muller (SPD), no longer wants to hear about such proposals. Yet he had spoken out in favor of attempts at talks as recently as Saturday. "This is not the time for round tables," Muller declared on Monday, when he appeared before the press with Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) in the matter of Rigaer Strabe.

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