Folk musician andreas gabalier: attack on critical media

Singer Andreas Gabalier calls the newspapers "Standard" and "Falter" "ox and donkey". The "Falter" reacts with free subscriptions to fans.

Work outfit leather pants: The self-proclaimed "folk rock’n’roller" Andreas Gabalier Photo: dpa

"For the scandal I have to go to confession again tomorrow," says Andreas Gabalier after his speech. So the scandal was deliberate. At the grand finale of his indoor tour in Vienna’s Stadthalle, the folk musician attacked the Austrian daily Der Standard and the Austrian weekly Falter in front of 14,500 fans. Both papers are considered left-liberal.

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Video series about crying on stage: tears that lie

The theater collective Werkgruppe actors about crying – and also asked them to shed a few tears.

Acting craft or from the innermost? Denise M’Baye cries Photo: Werkgruppe2

"Men cry secretly," sang Herbert Gronemeyer – and the vernacular adds in malicious idiocy: "… and women on purpose." However, before we start to pounce on these cliches analytically, critically and with an attitude – and quite rightly so – we could briefly state that there is definitely something to these disdainful lines. Just not the truth.

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Loss of structures

The house project H48 fears for its existence and is looking for a third buyer

The old owner has sold the property to an unknown investor

In Neukolln, the next left-wing alternative space must fear for its existence. The sale of the house at Hermannstrabe 48 threatens the project space H48, which has existed here since 2006 and serves as a non-commercial place in the neighborhood for political meetings of feminist, anti-racist and anti-fascist groups and where lectures, film evenings and Kufa take place.

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Eating plants column: biohackers? You, me, all of us!

Our author likes to optimize biochemical processes of her body. From vegan nutrition to neurofeedback to the cold chamber.

For many, the first biohack of the day: coffee in the morning Photo: Jesus Santos/Unsplash.

As a vegan, I am naturally against animal testing. But I don’t mind being a guinea pig myself – because I’m passionate about biohacking.

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Artist amelie von wulffen in bern: against any art canon

The Kunsthalle Bern is showing a show by the great painter Amelie von Wulffen: "Have you seen House of Cards?" What’s up with that?

Delicious ice cream and a piano: installation view of Amelie von Wulffen’s exhibition Photo: Gunnar Meier/Kunsthalle Bern

The arsenal of tastes and prejudices can soon be safely thrown into the corner. Sure: the homely kitschy farm cupboard, adorned with flower tendrils as well as preview bars of the Netflix series world, that is an already over-perfect image for the permanent escape from the world and the constantly overlapping round of images. But then very lovingly crafted miniature sculptures made of shells and stones take position there on the magnificent stone pedestal, a resigned apple is also there.

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Freedom of assembly in the corona crisis: police protect infection

In Lower Saxony, police crack down on protesters even though they pay attention to protecting infection – but the police do not.

Little distance on a demo in Hannover on Easter Saturday Photo: Peer Hellerling

"Superspreader" are infected people who infect an above-average number of other people, for example doctors with close patient contact who know nothing about their infection, or children who find it difficult to keep a safe distance. Or even police officers, if they are without protective equipment, disregarding the safety distance, in large groups and come close to demonstrators.

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Unsolved murders of migrants: the silence after the shooting

Two young migrants were shot dead in Neukolln. The families accuse investigators of insufficiently investigating racist motives.

The parents and the dead: The Holland couple shows photos of Burak Bektas and Luke Holland at the press conference. Photo: dpa

Melek Bektas struggles with the words, breathes heavily, is close to tears. Even after four years, of course. "My son’s murderer is still on the loose," Bektas says. "We have two other children, we are afraid for them. For four years, we can’t sleep peacefully."

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Dispute among doctors: the battle for the heart

The number of people with heart disease is growing. A lucrative market. Doctors fight over who gets to treat patients. Not always to their benefit.

Heart surgery in a German clinic: The number of heart patients is growing Image: dpa

The rivalry between cardiologists and heart surgeons over the treatment of patients with heart disease in Germany is now reaching the public. Leading physicians of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and the German Heart Foundation accuse their cardiologist colleagues from internal medicine of increasingly treating patients with innovative but risky methods who, according to established standards, should better be operated on by a surgeon. In doing so, they are acting against the current guideline of the professional society of cardiologists.

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Dispute among animal rights activists: farmers demand wolf hunt

Here the fronts are no longer clear: Protected wolves hunt sheep, lambs and calves. Farmers demand drastic measures.

The handling of the wolf causes controversy Photo: dpa

The lines of conflict in nature conservation are usually clearly divided: Man is the perpetrator and nature the victim. But on the green meadows of Lower Saxony, a conflict is currently escalating in which it will be difficult for nature lovers to take a clear stand.

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