Massacre in ethiopia: as in genocide

Human Rights Commission accuses Tigray militiamen of bestially killing at least 600 people in Mai-Kadra village.

Pregnant Eileen Alfao from Tigray now lives in a refugee camp in Sudan Photo: Nariman El-Mofty/dpa

Tigrayan militiamen, backed by Tigray’s security forces, are believed to have committed the largest massacre yet known in the conflict for control of Tigray between regional rulers and Ethiopia’s central government.

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Music by xiu xiu: demons in the crematorium

Xiu Xiu reinterpreted the iconic "Twin Peaks" soundtrack at Berlin’s Silent Green: Noise, post-rock and tender moments.

All kinds of keyboards for the iconic motifs – and to bury them under electronics Photo: Andre Wunstorf

"This is the staircase exit to Laura’s room." That’s how a young man explains the image projected behind the stage. His companion is not convinced. While the audience waits to see what the Californian experimental pop project Xiu Xiu will do with Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic "Twin Peaks" soundtrack, many a memory of the TV series is dredged up and reconciled.

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Slow climate protection: eu slows down green deal

Because of Corona, Brussels wants to make only most important climate decisions in 2020. New rules on biofuel and consumer info to be postponed.

Whether green mobility will continue to have priority is still unclear Photo: Henrik Sorensen/getty images

The European Union (EU) wants to stretch the timetable for its climate targets under the "Green Deal" in the Corona crisis. The EU Commission is considering implementing parts of the comprehensive package only after 2020, such as the rules on agriculture, offshore wind energy, adaptation to climate change and biodiversity. A corresponding working paper of the Commission had been published by the website "Euractiv".

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Long distances to birth: behind the hay cart

Many hospitals in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein have abolished obstetrics in recent years: too unprofitable, too few doctors and too few children.

Door closed: with the obstetrics ward in Bassum, the last one in the Diepholz district closed in 2011. Image: dpa

In Grob Hutbergen, the car of Lena and Christoph Rahlfs is stuck behind a hay transporter. "Remind me never to have a child at hay time," says Lena Rahlfs to her husband. They are still laughing about it, because today they are only driving the 30 kilometers or so from their home near Bruchhausen-Vilsen to the clinic in Verden as a test. They want to know how long the drive will take and take a look at the delivery room. Lena Rahlfs is nine months pregnant.

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Commentary wolfgang schauble: things could get worse

If Schauble becomes president of the Bundestag, Angela Merkel will need a new finance minister. He had better not come from the FDP.

His successor in the Finance Ministry could be problematic Photo: dpa

The fact that Wolfgang Schauble will no longer be Finance Minister but President of the Bundestag could be good news. After all, with his tough stance at the EU level, the CDU man has played a decisive role in turning the crisis in southern Europe into a permanent state with ever new austerity programs. And he has stifled any discussion of a common financial policy, without which the euro will not work in the long term.

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Commentary on range and cowardly, but not maliciously

Attorney General Harald Range was too cowardly or too polite. Justice Minister Heiko Maas also did not cut a good figure in the "treason" affair.

Whose length does Harald Range present us here? Photo: dpa

Harald Range does not have to resign. True, the Attorney General acted cowardly when he opened investigations into two journalists from for treason. But it is very likely that he did not expect either an indictment or a conviction from the very beginning.

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Comment peta: the fuhrer would agree

The European Court of Justice finds the ban on the Holocaust campaign of the animal rights organization "Peta" to be legal. The GroVaZ would agree.

The Fuhrer on official trip in Poland on September 1, 1939, surveying the vegetarian rations of the Wehrmacht. Image: dpa

The European Court of Human Rights finds it legal that in Germany the campaign of the animal protection organization "Peta" under the slogan "The Holocaust on your plate" was banned. The suffering of fattening animals cannot be compared with that of concentration camp prisoners, it said. In view of the "specific context of German history," the judges ruled Thursday in Strasbourg, the ban on the campaign and the associated restriction of the "Peta" organization’s fundamental right to express its opinion was justified.

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Commentary death after detention in kleve: always new horror

For months, a 26-year-old Syrian had been illegally detained. After his death, sloppiness and structural racism are now coming to light.

Are the police and judiciary stonewalling in the case of the Syrian Ahmed A., who was unlawfully detained and died? Photo: dpa

A young person is dead. Amed A. sought protection in Germany. But under custody of the Federal Republic, the 26-year-old civil war refugee from Syria was fatally injured on September 17: In a fire in his cell at the correctional facility in Kleve in the Lower Rhine region, he suffered such severe burns that he died after a lung transplant on September 29 at the Bergmannsheil Accident Clinic in Bochum.

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Local elections in israel: palestinian candidate loses

The only Palestinian candidate lost the election in East Jerusalem. He failed because of the boycott of his compatriots.

In the election in East Jerusalem there was a lower turnout than expected Photo: ap

Ramadan Dabash will not enter the Jerusalem City Hall. The only Palestinian candidate in Israel’s municipal elections failed due to the boycott of his compatriots. Palestinians in East Jerusalem gave in to pressure from the mufti. Sheikh Mohammed Hussein had declared a fatwa, a religious order, to boycott the elections.

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Commentary on the immigration act: more pragmatism, please

The government is planning an immigration law for skilled workers. For the CDU/CSU, this is a step forward – but it remains to be seen how big it will be.

These sandwiches don’t bake themselves. That’s why the grand coalition wants to bring trained bakers into the country Photo: Roman Kraft/Unsplash

The government wants an immigration law, and the CSU is on board. What is this – a political miracle? One last misguided coup by Horst Seehofer? A real turnaround? A sign that the disheveled government is getting something done after all?

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