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Elections in brandenburg: where are we headed?

For the parties in Brandenburg, the local elections at the end of May will be a mood test before the state elections. Red-Red probably no longer has a majority.

Will it continue in a straight line as before – or will it soon take a right turn? Photo: dpa

Just beyond the Berlin city limits, you can see them: Mixed in with the posters for the European elections on May 26 are other election advertisements. Sometimes the colors are garish, the photos blurred, or the names of the voters’ associations long and unfamiliar. Candidates promise to expand daycare centers or declare their love for a certain place. Unlike in Berlin, local elections will also be held on that Sunday at the end of May. The combined election date is intended to save costs and ensure a higher voter turnout.

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Climate change as a security risk: first drought, then war

Less rain and higher temperatures can be triggers for armed conflicts. The example of Syria makes this clear.

Syria is not only plagued by war and terror, but also by droughts. Image: dpa

A new study by U.S. researchers now proves for the first time, using the specific case of the Syrian civil war, what warning about in the past always had the smell of "alarmism": that global warming increasingly leads to droughts and crop failures, which can destabilize vulnerable and weak states and lead to violence and refugee flows.

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Incident in frankfurt am main: afd election campaigner draws firearm

Police are investigating the use of a firearm by an AfD election campaigner in Frankfurt. A witness reports death threats.

AfD Hesse spokesman Robert Lambrou calls the accusations "honor-cutting, defamatory lies. "Photo: dpa

Police are investigating the shooting of an AfD election campaigner in Frankfurt am Main. A police spokesman confirmed to Junge Welt (jW) that a firearm had been confiscated and that investigations were underway for "mutual bodily harm." The newspaper had previously reported that a man had pulled out a live firearm during a flyer distribution campaign, loaded the pistol and threatened to shoot a man. The man was the father of an AfD candidate for the state parliament.

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