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Obituary of author barbara bollwahn: she wrote about life

Our longtime colleague Barbara Bollwahn is dead. Three tazers report what you could learn from her.

Taz reporter and writer Barbara Bollwahn Photo: private

What is the most important quality of an outstanding reporter? Of course, she should be able to observe closely, inquire persistently, analyze sharply, write vividly and tell exciting stories, all of that. But the first prerequisite is that she must be enthusiastic about events and phenomena, about incidents and weirdness, about people and their stories. A reporter has to love the new, so much so that in the end she also inspires the readers.

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Music film festival in stream: every sound is a miracle

Instead of pop music that’s hot right now in the Western world, the Norient Film Festival features documentaries about sound and music from around the world.

Can he hear the forest spirit? Scene from "Curupira, Creature of the woods" Photo: Norient

Those who had planned – in what felt like a long time ago, before Corona, which is increasingly difficult to remember – to travel to Switzerland for the tenth edition of the Norient Film Festival will now probably be saddened. Switzerland is also currently shimmying from lockdown to lockdown, and cinemas are not exempt, which is why it was decided to turn the event into a streaming festival.

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Long distances to birth: behind the hay cart

Many hospitals in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein have abolished obstetrics in recent years: too unprofitable, too few doctors and too few children.

Door closed: with the obstetrics ward in Bassum, the last one in the Diepholz district closed in 2011. Image: dpa

In Grob Hutbergen, the car of Lena and Christoph Rahlfs is stuck behind a hay transporter. "Remind me never to have a child at hay time," says Lena Rahlfs to her husband. They are still laughing about it, because today they are only driving the 30 kilometers or so from their home near Bruchhausen-Vilsen to the clinic in Verden as a test. They want to know how long the drive will take and take a look at the delivery room. Lena Rahlfs is nine months pregnant.

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Presidential election in ukraine: you have no vote

Many Ukrainian voters do not come to the places where they are on the electoral lists. The reason is the war with Russia and the annexation of Crimea.

Kateryna Savchenko cannot vote Photo: ap

When Ukraine will elect a new president in the first round on Sunday and in the runoff on April 21, not all voters will be able to cast their ballots easily a few minutes before or even after lunch. Of the 35.5 million registered voters, those who do not have a registered address – that’s about 1 million eligible voters – will not be able to vote at all. However, all those who do not live where they are allowed to vote by entry in the electoral register must apply to be allowed to vote in the place where they are staying on election day. This application is difficult to obtain.

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“March for life” in berlin: the bible lesson doesn’t help

Thousands wanted to protest against abortions on Saturday. Counter-demonstrators were able to block the "March for Life" for the first time.

Clear message on the asphalt. Photo: imago/Future Image

Nothing went on under the Linden. The participants of the "March for Life" demonstration with their white wooden crosses in their hands could not move forward – the street in front of them was completely blocked by counter-demonstrators from the Charlottenstrabe intersection. It was not the first blockade. Previously, the silent march, which had started at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Federal Chancellery, had already been diverted and thus severely shortened.

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Late work by jean-luc godard: sewn from a thousand threads

"Bildbuch," an essay film by Jean-Luc Godard, is assembled from fragments and fragments. A whirl of images, language and music.

From the swirling images, here is one in bright colors Photo: Grandfilm

Jean-Luc Godard goes on montage again, and they are all there: the five fingers of the hand, the five senses, the five parts of the world, the image archives of the Occident, and not only of the Occident, the sound archives too, the thought and language archives even more so. The sound archives with a lot of music: the great Scott Walker, for example, at the very beginning a short excerpt from a film about him, titled "30 Century Man" after a Walker song.

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Late investigations into the nazi cinema complex: the artist as propagandist

Continuities and dropouts: the case of Alfred Bauer and the topicality of the "concealment of brown biographical elements".

US actress Shirley MacLaine is received by festival director Alfred Bauer in Tempelhof Photo: dpa

One of the anecdotal descriptions of the situation in Germany after 1945 is the astonishment that there seemed to be no Nazis left except for those exposed in highly visible, high political offices and military ranks. Some of these Nazi perpetrators were brought to justice, others fled to Argentina or Egypt, for example, went into hiding under false names there and in Germany, and were often only identified and brought to justice after years and decades.

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Trial on the nazi attack in halle: the pain of the victims

In the trial about the attack in Halle, the father of Kevin S., who was shot, reveals how the act changed his life. One statement leads to applause.

Painful memories: Photos of the victims of the Halle attack in front of the Magdeburg Regional Court Photo: Jan Woitas/dpa

Nothing is processed. Karsten L. falters, trembles, struggles with tears, then he can no longer. "I tried to call Kevin. 20, 30 times. He didn’t answer. Nothing, nothing, nothing." In the evening, after six hours of worrying, he says, he posted a missing person’s report on Facebook. An acquaintance then wrote to him to send him something. It was the video in which Kevin, the son of Karsten L., is shot. "I watched it." Then he can no longer speak, the tears overwhelm him. He cries, for minutes, some of the plaintiffs cry with him. The judge has to interrupt the questioning.

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