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After acquittals in gezi trial: osman kavala arrested again

Shortly after his acquittal on Tuesday, another arrest warrant was issued for civil rights activist Kavala. This time it is for the 2016 coup attempt.

Ay┼če Bugra (left), wife of Osman Kavala on her way home after his re-arrest Photo: Murad Sezer/reuters

Just hours after his acquittal in the Gezi trial and formal release from the high-security prison in Silivri, Turkish entrepreneur and civil rights activist Osman Kavala has been arrested again. The background was new investigations in connection with the coup attempt in July 2016, reported the state news agency Anadolu on Wednesday.

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Measures against coronavirus: speedy research called for

The German government is not planning any scientific evaluation of the anti-corona measures. For this, it is now being heavily criticized by the opposition.

Drive-in test station in Ludenscheid Photo: Markus Klumper/dpa

School closures, curfews, contact or work bans: The drastic measures with which the federal government is currently restricting the civil liberties of citizens in the fight against the Corona pandemic require an accompanying scientific evaluation. Health politicians from all opposition parties represented in the Bundestag agreed on this.

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Massacre in ethiopia: as in genocide

Human Rights Commission accuses Tigray militiamen of bestially killing at least 600 people in Mai-Kadra village.

Pregnant Eileen Alfao from Tigray now lives in a refugee camp in Sudan Photo: Nariman El-Mofty/dpa

Tigrayan militiamen, backed by Tigray’s security forces, are believed to have committed the largest massacre yet known in the conflict for control of Tigray between regional rulers and Ethiopia’s central government.

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Long distances to birth: behind the hay cart

Many hospitals in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein have abolished obstetrics in recent years: too unprofitable, too few doctors and too few children.

Door closed: with the obstetrics ward in Bassum, the last one in the Diepholz district closed in 2011. Image: dpa

In Grob Hutbergen, the car of Lena and Christoph Rahlfs is stuck behind a hay transporter. "Remind me never to have a child at hay time," says Lena Rahlfs to her husband. They are still laughing about it, because today they are only driving the 30 kilometers or so from their home near Bruchhausen-Vilsen to the clinic in Verden as a test. They want to know how long the drive will take and take a look at the delivery room. Lena Rahlfs is nine months pregnant.

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Comment peta: the fuhrer would agree

The European Court of Justice finds the ban on the Holocaust campaign of the animal rights organization "Peta" to be legal. The GroVaZ would agree.

The Fuhrer on official trip in Poland on September 1, 1939, surveying the vegetarian rations of the Wehrmacht. Image: dpa

The European Court of Human Rights finds it legal that in Germany the campaign of the animal protection organization "Peta" under the slogan "The Holocaust on your plate" was banned. The suffering of fattening animals cannot be compared with that of concentration camp prisoners, it said. In view of the "specific context of German history," the judges ruled Thursday in Strasbourg, the ban on the campaign and the associated restriction of the "Peta" organization’s fundamental right to express its opinion was justified.

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Eating plants column: biohackers? You, me, all of us!

Our author likes to optimize biochemical processes of her body. From vegan nutrition to neurofeedback to the cold chamber.

For many, the first biohack of the day: coffee in the morning Photo: Jesus Santos/Unsplash.

As a vegan, I am naturally against animal testing. But I don’t mind being a guinea pig myself – because I’m passionate about biohacking.

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Dispute among doctors: the battle for the heart

The number of people with heart disease is growing. A lucrative market. Doctors fight over who gets to treat patients. Not always to their benefit.

Heart surgery in a German clinic: The number of heart patients is growing Image: dpa

The rivalry between cardiologists and heart surgeons over the treatment of patients with heart disease in Germany is now reaching the public. Leading physicians of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and the German Heart Foundation accuse their cardiologist colleagues from internal medicine of increasingly treating patients with innovative but risky methods who, according to established standards, should better be operated on by a surgeon. In doing so, they are acting against the current guideline of the professional society of cardiologists.

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Start of the youth olympic games: learning for a life at the top

The Youth Games begin on Saturday. With this, the IOC wants to save its billion-dollar business with the Olympic idea. A new stage for high-performance sports.

Spectacle for young athletes: The flame of the Youth Olympics on its way by dragon boat through Singapore. : reuters

The youth should move more. They should be fair, and they should not dope. With these goals, the International Olympic Committee is sending young people from more than 200 countries to the first Youth Olympic Games. They open today in Singapore. The IOC is spending an estimated 300 million euros on the sporting youth event.

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Elections in brandenburg: where are we headed?

For the parties in Brandenburg, the local elections at the end of May will be a mood test before the state elections. Red-Red probably no longer has a majority.

Will it continue in a straight line as before – or will it soon take a right turn? Photo: dpa

Just beyond the Berlin city limits, you can see them: Mixed in with the posters for the European elections on May 26 are other election advertisements. Sometimes the colors are garish, the photos blurred, or the names of the voters’ associations long and unfamiliar. Candidates promise to expand daycare centers or declare their love for a certain place. Unlike in Berlin, local elections will also be held on that Sunday at the end of May. The combined election date is intended to save costs and ensure a higher voter turnout.

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Social commitment of soccer clubs: gives ‘n bienchen

VfL Wolfsburg can call itself Germany’s "most sustainable" club. Are the clubs’ social and ecological responsibilities serious?

Buzz, buzz: St. Pauli coach Ewald Lienen (right) presents the feed mix for the new Ewald Bee Honey with a bee Photo: imago/Oliver Ruhnke

When the name of VfL Wolfsburg comes up, even the club’s most loyal fans don’t necessarily think of sustainable fashion. In fact, the Bundesliga club owned by Volkswagen has something like this on offer. "Wolfe RE//Designed" is the name of the label under which VfL sells carrier tops and other fashion accessories made from jersey remnants. Fashion design students from the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts designed the pieces for this "upcycling collection," and handicapped people working in a workshop run by the non-profit organization Lebenshilfe Wolfsburg were responsible for manufacturing them.

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