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Commentary on the immigration act: more pragmatism, please

The government is planning an immigration law for skilled workers. For the CDU/CSU, this is a step forward – but it remains to be seen how big it will be.

These sandwiches don’t bake themselves. That’s why the grand coalition wants to bring trained bakers into the country Photo: Roman Kraft/Unsplash

The government wants an immigration law, and the CSU is on board. What is this – a political miracle? One last misguided coup by Horst Seehofer? A real turnaround? A sign that the disheveled government is getting something done after all?

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Dispute among doctors: the battle for the heart

The number of people with heart disease is growing. A lucrative market. Doctors fight over who gets to treat patients. Not always to their benefit.

Heart surgery in a German clinic: The number of heart patients is growing Image: dpa

The rivalry between cardiologists and heart surgeons over the treatment of patients with heart disease in Germany is now reaching the public. Leading physicians of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and the German Heart Foundation accuse their cardiologist colleagues from internal medicine of increasingly treating patients with innovative but risky methods who, according to established standards, should better be operated on by a surgeon. In doing so, they are acting against the current guideline of the professional society of cardiologists.

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