New neukolln integration commissioner: “we need positive narratives”.

Ever since the murder of Nidal R., there has been talk about criminal clans. But organized crime is not the norm, says Neukolln’s integration commissioner Jens Rockstedt.

Police car in front of the now-removed mural of murdered Nidal R. at Tempelhofer Feld, September 2018 Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Rockstedt, according to many media reports, one could recently get the impression that all of Neukolln is virtually in the hands of "Arab extended families." Is that so?

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Obituary of author barbara bollwahn: she wrote about life

Our longtime colleague Barbara Bollwahn is dead. Three tazers report what you could learn from her.

Taz reporter and writer Barbara Bollwahn Photo: private

What is the most important quality of an outstanding reporter? Of course, she should be able to observe closely, inquire persistently, analyze sharply, write vividly and tell exciting stories, all of that. But the first prerequisite is that she must be enthusiastic about events and phenomena, about incidents and weirdness, about people and their stories. A reporter has to love the new, so much so that in the end she also inspires the readers.

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Music film festival in stream: every sound is a miracle

Instead of pop music that’s hot right now in the Western world, the Norient Film Festival features documentaries about sound and music from around the world.

Can he hear the forest spirit? Scene from "Curupira, Creature of the woods" Photo: Norient

Those who had planned – in what felt like a long time ago, before Corona, which is increasingly difficult to remember – to travel to Switzerland for the tenth edition of the Norient Film Festival will now probably be saddened. Switzerland is also currently shimmying from lockdown to lockdown, and cinemas are not exempt, which is why it was decided to turn the event into a streaming festival.

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After acquittals in gezi trial: osman kavala arrested again

Shortly after his acquittal on Tuesday, another arrest warrant was issued for civil rights activist Kavala. This time it is for the 2016 coup attempt.

Ay┼če Bugra (left), wife of Osman Kavala on her way home after his re-arrest Photo: Murad Sezer/reuters

Just hours after his acquittal in the Gezi trial and formal release from the high-security prison in Silivri, Turkish entrepreneur and civil rights activist Osman Kavala has been arrested again. The background was new investigations in connection with the coup attempt in July 2016, reported the state news agency Anadolu on Wednesday.

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Npd demo against journalists: right-wingers are allowed to mask up

At a demonstration of the NPD in Hanover, the police made an exception to the ban on masking for the right-wingers. They did not want to be photographed.

Were allowed to mask: Participants of the NPD demonstration against journalists Photo: Ole Spata/dpa

Masking is not just masking. In Hanover, right-wing extremists were allowed to mask their faces during a demonstration. For the police, the reason given was that the participants in the NPD march against the public media and individual journalists did not want to be photographed by the press.

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News of 1914 – july 27: mediating steps of the powers.

Germany, France, England and Italy join efforts to mediate in the Austro-Serbian conflict to prevent the crisis from turning into a world war.

Austrian military during an exercise on the border with Serbia. Photo: dpa

A Viennese paper has reported that the Serbs blew up the railroad bridge over the Danube between Belgrade and Semlin. The news has not yet been confirmed by other sources. As hardly needs to be said, the blowing up of the Danube bridge would be an act of undeniable strategic importance.

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Methanol as fuel for ferries: is alcohol a solution after all?

Marine diesel is highly toxic and harmful to the climate. Now the first ship on the Baltic Sea is being operated partly on methanol – a ferry.

It’s called Supergreen, but it only runs partially on methanol: a ferry between Kiel and Gothenburg. Photo: Stena

"Supergreen" is written in capital letters on the hull of the Swedish ferry "Stena Germanica". Below that: "Sustainable Shipping" – "nachhaltige Schifffahrt". The title "world’s first methanol ship" is still somewhat exaggerated. Just one of the four main engines of the ferry, which runs between Kiel and Gothenburg, has been converted to run on methanol: This would mean that at least "half" a methanol ship would be in operation.

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Measures against coronavirus: speedy research called for

The German government is not planning any scientific evaluation of the anti-corona measures. For this, it is now being heavily criticized by the opposition.

Drive-in test station in Ludenscheid Photo: Markus Klumper/dpa

School closures, curfews, contact or work bans: The drastic measures with which the federal government is currently restricting the civil liberties of citizens in the fight against the Corona pandemic require an accompanying scientific evaluation. Health politicians from all opposition parties represented in the Bundestag agreed on this.

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After attack in philippines: duterte relies on the military

More than a dozen people have been killed and more than 70 injured in an attack in the Philippines. The president announces special operations.

Police and military vehicles in Davao Photo: dpa

After the terrorist attack in the Philippines with at least 14 dead and more than 70 injured, President Rodrigo Duterte has announced special operations by the military. He declared a "state of lawlessness" on Saturday: with this, the constitution allows him to use soldiers for house searches, car checks and other tasks to maintain public security, for example.

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Factory farming in nrw: the minister’s dirty tricks

The new Minister of Agriculture, Christina Schulze Focking, is under pressure. In her pig fattening farm, terrible conditions are said to have prevailed.

There was quite a bit of piggery here: the Schulze Focking pig farm Photo: dpa

After just two weeks in office, North Rhine-Westphalia’s new agriculture minister Christina Schulze Focking (CDU) is under pressure because of inappropriate animal husbandry. Hard-to-bear images filmed by animal rights activists in spring at Schulze Focking’s home pig farm show badly injured creatures: Pigs with pitted curly tails, in which the tissue is inflamed and in some cases already necrotic – that is, dead.

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